Risk mapping
risk mapping
Your challenge
Many companies make HR decisions without objective data on the actual risks relating to their human capital. identifying these risks is essential to better anticipate them.
Our approach
With Balencio, you can visualize the critical risks in your organization in one click. Our platform adapts perfectly to your organization's organizational chart and allows you to have an analysis for each socio-demographic criterion introduced. This way, you know the risks and the different expectations of each department, managerial level, etc..
The results
The reporting is adapted to the needs of the various risk management players, according to their specific viewpoint and role.
As decision-makers, the results guide your strategic decisions and you identify the preventive actions to be taken. The data is compared over time to measure the impact of the initiatives taken and thus create a cycle of continuous improvement.
What customers think of Balencio
Luc De Jaeger
Founding Partner

The Balencio platform helped us to map the risks linked to our human capital and to determine with precision the actions to be carried out in the short and medium terms. The individual report enabled each employee to act on their own levers. This combination of “employee and company” enables quick and effective long-term results.