Reduce absenteeism
reduce absenteeism
Your challenge
It is now estimated that 40 to 60% of days of absence are caused by stress. Absenteeism has a major impact on the way the company operates, with an overload of work for other employees, operational planning problems and an increase in turnover. All these elements also lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction.
Our approach
Our approach is predictive because it provides HR departments and management committees with the causes of absenteeism in your organization. In addition, the level of granularity allows you to identify the specific issues related to each of your departments or function categories.
The results
Thanks to our 360° vision, you will be able to discuss the different issues with your employees in a constructive and interactive way. A 5% reduction in your overall absenteeism rate can represent, depending on your size, a saving of several hundred thousand euros. Calculate your savings using our ROI tool.
What customers think of Balencio
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Bart Ulenaers

Bright Link has a very good tool at its disposal to map the psycho-social risks of your company, which is also linked to the detection of possible burn-outs. Extra added value is that every employee receives a personalized report. Not only is the tool very useful, the active thinking of Bright Link in the whole set-up process is super !