Improving talent retention
talent retention
Improving talent retention
Talent retention has always been a challenge for companies around the world. This is especially true today as the world of work continues to evolve into new horizons. The manager's job is to evaluate the talent's ability to integrate into the team. But beware, the reporting lines are not the only ones to have requirements.
Indeed, candidates also have certain demands. Sometimes in search of better salaries, better positions, or even better training, the newcomer does not hesitate to evaluate all the offers that are made. With increasing digitalisation and changes in the workplace, the talent has new demands to make. These demands are not just about salary or benefits. Many of them are geared towards personal development and job satisfaction. Well-being and quality of life are highly sought after. The modern talent pays attention to the conditions provided by the employer, be it in terms of job flexibility, teleworking, socio-professional experience (teamwork, community management, ethics, etc.) This new bias in favour of the human being is gaining more and more importance within recruitment practices. It is therefore essential to make your managers aware of the importance of a symbiosis between professional integration and the well-being of talents if you want them to remain with you. As you can see, it is high time to start moving towards new initiatives!
Limit the cost of turnover by retaining your talent
The job market is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, the stakes for employee retention are high. Therefore, the main challenge for companies is the sustainable management of new talents and the strategies used to achieve this. Generally, the loss of an employee impacts the company on different levels: productivity, financial contributions and team reinforcement. Indeed, the budgets allocated to human resources recruitment are substantial. And yet, the allocation of such a budget has little impact if you do not favour a responsible hiring policy. The internal management of employees is actually a long-term process that includes recruitment, on-the-job training, and integration into the teams. This is why, as an employer, manager or HR manager, you need to invest in the engagement and retention of your employees.
But how do you retain talent within your company? Firstly, by collecting feedback from your employees through the right digital tools. Secondly, by optimising your human resources skills through the implementation of tailor-made solutions.
Our experience in employee engagement
The human resources management policy is a key element in retaining new talent. In order to do this, certain skills must be an integral part of your organisation's recruitment culture. Your priority is to put in place an action plan to maximise your human capital management. You need to find the best strategy to provide your employees with a stimulating and engaging internal experience.
With Balencio's digital tool, you will be able to ask your managers and employees about the internal development of the company. Through this proactive approach, you will have a global view of how your teams perceive the training provided, the work to be done, the career plans proposed (new position, promotion, implementation of certifying training courses, etc.), the remuneration (salary, benefits, etc.) and other managerial strategies. In addition to being an enriching experience, our diagnostics remain available 24/7 on your institutional platform. Balencio supports you in your efforts and offers you regular follow-up. We also help you to interpret the information gathered and to maintain your objectives in the long term.
Your results in terms of retention
By opting for a more human strategy, you choose to put the employee at the centre of attention. This method is unavoidable in order to make your company a reference on the job market. This process is also a great help for any manager who wants to improve the integration of talent into the team. It is also by becoming more aware of the employee's expectations that you reduce the risk of a crisis linked to the turnover or the lack of staff

High value-added data informs you about the career prospects of your employees and the possible causes of departure. Based on scientific analyses, you can develop strategies that are specific to the requirements of your various departments. Updating this data is a valuable indicator of how well you have succeeded in optimising the retention of your candidates as well as the actual commitment within the organisation. In the long term, you will reduce the delay caused by the loss of candidates. In the same vein, you will reduce the costs of training new employees. With better management of your resources, you will also improve the internal dynamics and the corporate culture in which your employees work. This new environment will promote the recognition of your staff as well as the overall productivity of the company.
But how do you retain talent within your company? Firstly, by collecting feedback from your employees through the right digital tools. Secondly, by optimising your human resources skills through the implementation of tailor-made solutions.
And for your departments
From an organisational point of view, the "Learning & Development" departments will be able to adapt the training catalogue to the real needs of your employees. HR departments will be able to allocate remuneration and recruitment budgets in a more responsible way. In this strategy, it is also necessary to be able to act according to the jobs and resources offered to your employees. Through feedback from your employees, your managers will be able to see the difficulties associated with certain positions, after which they will be able to resolve them. With the help of our platform, you can also evaluate the development of employment rates, absenteeism and employee satisfaction. In this way, you implement a holistic approach to human capital management and optimally address the challenges of staff retention. With Balencio and its partners, don't let anyone take the lead on your talents!
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At Air Liquide, one of the main missions is to anticipate change and help the organization evolve to meet future ambitions. As the environment evolves at a fast pace, regular monitoring is essential. The mapping carried out by Bright Link allowed us to confront ourselves to the right questions, and thus revealed areas for improvement. Today, workgroups have been launched, allowing an in-depth approach, with more precise information, on key topics such as hyper connectivity, … Thank you Balencio!