Improving talent retention
talent retention
Your challenge
Companies spend huge budgets to attract talent. But how do they retain them ? The loss of talent usually impacts the whole company: some strategic projects are delayed and a significant cost is generated for the recruitment and training of the new entrant.
Our approach
Retention management is an integral part of the Balencio tool. Through our proactive approach, you will be able to better manage your human capital and thus identify possible reasons for leaving beforehand.
The results
Our high value-added data enables the Learning & Development department to adapt their training catalogue to the real needs of your employees and HR departments to control their investments.
What customers think of Balencio
logo air liquide
Geraldine Claessens
Air Liquide Benelux Industries
HR Business Partner IM Operations

At Air Liquide, one of the main missions is to anticipate change and help the organization evolve to meet future ambitions. As the environment evolves at a fast pace, regular monitoring is essential. The mapping carried out by Bright Link allowed us to confront ourselves to the right questions, and thus revealed areas for improvement. Today, workgroups have been launched, allowing an in-depth approach, with more precise information, on key topics such as hyper connectivity, … Thank you Balencio!