Risk analysis

Mapping human capital risks is often the first step in moving into a management mode. This 360° mapping lists in a single dashboard all the risks and opportunities related to the daily management of your employees.

risk analysis
Individual interface
By proactively supporting your employees and making them aware of the importance of preserving their energy, you reduce absenteeism and improve their resilience. Each employee has access to his or her own action plan and specific resources.
individual interface
Institutional interface

On basis of the consolidated results, you create your action plans thanks to high added value data that fits a specific scope of concern, the measure of impact on your teams and the root causes identified. You have unlimited 24/7 access to the dashboard and data analysis.

institutional interface
What customers think of Balencio
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Laurence Maes
Head of Social Relations & Reward
Employee well-being is at the heart of Belfius HR policy. As part of our Wellbeing@Belfius program, in 2018, we used Bright Link and its Preventing Burnout Test (PBT) to improve our understanding of burnout sources and risks.
In 2019, Bright Link developed, at our request, a targeted survey to allow us to deepen the understanding of certain specific stressors (identified in 2018) in order to best target our wellness policy and thus take the appropriate initiatives.
And this year again, Bright Link, listening to our specific needs, proposed a creative and modern response relating to “resilience” by integrating additional elements relating to current events (Impact of Covid19 confinement and structural telework on the level of energy of employees).
Since the beginning of our collaboration, Bright Link has proven to be a professional, dynamic and reliable partner, at our side to advise us during the whole process.