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13 May: Participation in decision-making
Considering the views of your employees in your business decision-making process can be a real asset in strengthening their commitment to their work as well as to your organization. Indeed, it is not only a mark of confidence but also a feeling of listening and taking into consideration having positive effects on the development of your employees. Empowerment will help you in...
Flexible hours and autonomy
11 May: Flexible hours and autonomy
Scheduling flexibility is the ability for an employee to be able to arrange their schedules according to various factors that are specific to them. Autonomy, on the other hand, is the possibility for the employee to be able to organize and carry out their work in the way they see fit...
06 May: Development and career
Providing future prospects for your employees is essential to ensure their full engagement and motivation within your company. This can be achieved in several ways such as the possibility of following training, continuous assessment, regular learning, consistency in remuneration, etc...
Work instructions
04 May: Work instructions
Giving clear and precise work instructions is a necessity to ensure the productivity of your employees, but also their commitment to your business and their well-being. In order to ensure good work instructions, they must have certain essential characteristics. First, they must be homogeneous. This means that all the uplifting actors and sharing these instructions must be in agreement. Then, they must contain clear and precise indications. Finally, it is essential to communicate. A bad understanding must absolutely be communicated,...
role of manager
29 Apr: Role in the organization
The role of each worker, regardless of their position in the hierarchy, has a decisive impact on the organization. Indeed, considering the role of each employee contributes to the growth of the company but also to the well-being of workers and therefore to their productivity. It is for this reason that the manager has an intermediary role between the employees and the hierarchy...
mental health
27 Apr: turnover
Turnover describes the rotation between departures and arrivals of employees within a company. When the turnover rate does not exceed 15%, it is considered beneficial for the organization. However, when it becomes illegitimately repetitive, it can greatly harm it.
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Laurence Maes
Head of Social Relations & Reward
Employee well-being is at the heart of Belfius HR policy. As part of our Wellbeing@Belfius program, in 2018, we used Bright Link and its Preventing Burnout Test (PBT) to improve our understanding of burnout sources and risks.
In 2019, Bright Link developed, at our request, a targeted survey to allow us to deepen the understanding of certain specific stressors (identified in 2018) in order to best target our wellness policy and thus take the appropriate initiatives.
And this year again, Bright Link, listening to our specific needs, proposed a creative and modern response relating to “resilience” by integrating additional elements relating to current events (Impact of Covid19 confinement and structural telework on the level of energy of employees).
Since the beginning of our collaboration, Bright Link has proven to be a professional, dynamic and reliable partner, at our side to advise us during the whole process.