Sports and leisure

The opportunity to practice sports and leisure activities is essential to maintain good mental health. Indeed, it is fundamental to practice activities outside the workplace to decompress and disconnect from one’s job.

The benefits of playing sport


Practising sport outside of one’s professional activities allows one to disconnect and decompress and reduce stress and anxiety. Indeed, it has been shown in numerous studies that practising sport allows for a considerable improvement in mental health by reducing depression, anxiety, pain and loneliness. Also, physical activity can increase concentration, sleep and energy levels.

At the organisational level, promoting the practice of sport can therefore be helpful to ensure workers’ mental and physical health. Providing sports facilities within the company can also be a well-being factor for the workers.

The mental health benefits of leisure activities

Leisure activities outside of work time stimulate the mind and have a de facto impact on mental health. Indeed, leisure activities help to promote personal (physical and cognitive) and social growth. Also, engaging in activities outside of working life allows people to relax and think about other things, thus promoting their well-being.

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From an organisational point of view, it is essential, on the one hand, to promote the practice of extra-occupational activities, but, on the other hand, to allow its employees to practice them. To do this, it is essential to respect employees’ break or leave times.