Development and career

Providing future prospects for your employees is essential to ensure their full engagement and motivation within your company. This can be achieved in several ways such as the possibility of following training, continuous assessment, regular learning, consistency in remuneration, etc.

Why offer training to my employees?

Training employees means offering them opportunities for advancement. Indeed, the acquisition of new skills will open more doors for them and give them a perspective of development within your company. On the other hand, offering training also means showing your employees that you care about them, their well-being, their future. It is therefore a real asset to have workers invested in your organization.


Make sure the skills of my workers match the job they occupy!

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This is a real issue for organizations. Indeed, a mismatch between the skills of a worker and his job can have consequences both at the individual level and at the organizational level. Among the individual consequences, we can identify a decrease in job satisfaction, counterproductive behavior, but also a decrease in productivity On the organizational level, we can observe a higher labor cost, an increase in absenteeism, a lower competitiveness and a high turnover rate thus generating considerable costs for the company.

Employee evaluation, a positive or a negative factor?

Development and career

Evaluating your employees makes it possible to take stock, to start a discussion on the expectations, both of the company, but also of the employee, to consider future prospects,  or to set new goals. Considering these aspects, the evaluation can only seem beneficial. However, it is necessary that this evaluation remains a feedback, the prospect of new challenges, the possibility of development within the company and not a control of the employees.  Indeed, if the latter is perceived as a control, it will be badly accepted by the employees who would risk losing confidence in the company and therefore losing all desire to work there.

Grant a salary in accordance with the work provided

Compensation is essential for an employee. It is therefore absolutely essential for the latter that it be in line with the work he provides for the company. Indeed, in the event of a mismatch, the employee could feel aggrieved and lose faith in his work. We must therefore ensure that the compensation offered is in line with the current market, do not hesitate to put in place attractive policies, and listen to its employees on the demands and expectations on this subject in order to be able to find interesting compromises.

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