Quality of life at work (QVT)

An employee who feels good, who is valued at work and in harmony with his peers is an engaged employee. Engagement involves high motivation and productivity of the worker, which represents a direct improvement in the performance and finances of the company. A significant decrease in turnover, absenteeism rate and PSRs (psychosocial risks) result jointly. In short, improving the quality of life at work is an added value for the company and its employees.

Workplace wellness

Employee engagement depends on QWL, the quality of work life. It is made up of many elements: the feeling of usefulness, participatory management, work content, company culture, working conditions, recognition, social climate, … It is essential for companies to put QWL at the heart of their policy.

How to carry out a quality of life at work approach?

For the impact to be real, the QVT approach must concern all employees. Taking a collective approach improves the general functioning of the company and the well-being of everyone.

relax at work

Each company must target its field of action, moving step by step for lasting efficiency. Once the actions have been defined, it is essential to maintain some flexibility in their implementation. This makes it possible to rectify them as needed and to adapt them according to the course of the event. A flexible policy that is aware of the reality on the workplace is the key to an effective QWL approach.